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        Anonymous said: Oh my god don't stop the mormor

I should but then I shouldn’t eheheh

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Sebastian broke one of the rules of his contract. His boss gave him an appropriate punishment.

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"So you think Sherlock is going to kill Magnussen for you"

"Oh Tiger mine, I’m counting on it”

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The shot to the head has left Jim Moriarty a shadow of his former self, testing Sebastian’s patience and frustrating him beyond belief. Jim has changed and it’s hard for the right hand to accept that. Jim finds comfort in small things. Sebastian’s dog tags are his favourite.

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Game of Thrones Comic Con Blooper Reel

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I need to stop. But I can’t

you’ve never left

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Hannilock MorMor requested by 

Tiger! don’t you know jealousy is a very unappetizing trait?

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Post-Reichenbach AU: After the staged death, the criminal mastermind seeks shelter at someone, who not only owes him a favor, but is also capable of handling the secrecy.
Nevertheless, Sebastian does not give up that fast.

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Post-Reichenbach AU
continuation of this

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Mormor AU:

After five years of serving in military, Colonel Sebastian Moran returns to London. To his surprise, someone else didn’t leave the city at all - meeting his old friend and now Professor Jim Moriarty will soon have an unexpected impact on his life.

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Imagine though

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the thrilling dad joke saga continues

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